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Moscow Celebrates Historical and Cultural Heritage Day

16. April 2010 by Michelle 0 Comments

Moscow Historical Museum

April 18th is the 10th anniversary of Moscow’s Historical and Cultural Heritage Day. More than 300 museums, exhibition halls, and galleries will participate in the event, offering free admission and extended hours.


Among those welcoming visitors at no charge are the Moscow Historical Museum on Red Square, the Tretyakov Gallery, the Pushkin Museum of Fine Arts and the Moscow Museum of Modern Art, as well as the Glinka Museum of Musical Culture, the Bulgakov Museum and the Mayakovsky Museum. Many of Moscow’s historical buildings, as well as government institutions that are not usually open to the public will also be hosting tours.


One of the most anticipated venues to be opened for inspection is the Petrovsky Palace which was designed by Matvey Kazakov in 1775 as a resting place where Catherine the Great could pause between journeys from St. Petersburg to the Kremlin. Entrance to the Kremlin Palace will be free as well. Additionally, 33 foreign embassies located in buildings considered significant to cultural heritage will open their doors to visitors, including the embassies of Belgium, Iceland, Egypt, Cambodia and Greece.


Moscow’s Historical and Cultural Heritage Day coincides with the International Day for Monuments and Sites, which is also celebrated on April 18th. This holiday was created by UNESCO in 1983 to raise awareness for the diversity of the world’s cultural heritage and to draw attention to its vulnerability. Moscow also hosts a similar festival next month on May 18th for International Museum Day.


“We expect that cultural institutions will be visited on these days by 100,000 to 150,000 more visitors than last year, when 1.2 million people participated in the Historical and Cultural Heritage Days,” said First Deputy Mayor Lyudmila Shvetsova.