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Member Wayne Shares Tips for Meeting Ukrainian Women In Person

24. September 2012 by Christy 0 Comments

Wayne, a member of (RLM's sister site), recently traveled to Ukraine to meet a potential match. In the letter below, Wayne shares his tips for making the most of an overseas trip, as well as what members can reasonably expect.

Dear potential suitors of Ukrainian ladies:

The following is my own suggestions on how to court a Ukrainian lady. It has no basis other than my own experiences, although the one point I would like you to take note of is - SUN SCREEN!! Use it!! You will need it!!

Be Respectful

Dating ladies from Ukraine is almost the same as dating normally in your own country.
If you respect them and treat them well you will be pleasantly surprised. Please do not expect anything of them. They are ladies are trying to get to know you just as you are trying to discover them.


Be Gracious

It is possible they will not like you within five minutes of meeting. If so, suck it up, be friendly and polite, and end the date as soon as you can. Then dust yourself off and try another date. If you make a good impression on the translator or interpreter they will help you as best they can to have an enjoyable trip and to find success in dating in Ukraine.


Be Kind and Thoughtful

Be a gentlemen and pay for the lunch or dinner. If she enjoyed your company, take a small walk. Ukraine is filled with wonderful parks to walk in. Offer her a ride home by taxi if you are out with her. Spoil her a little and indulge her fancies. You are there to win her heart.

Use Common Sense

Use your own discretion though. Yes, some ladies will take advantage of you, but not all ladies that ask you for something have sinister intentions. They are ladies, after all, and they want to know that you like them. Having said this, don’t be a push over and let her walk all over you. Have a spine and be a man!

Be Diplomatic

Don’t overreact. Indulge her a couple of times, and if you feel that something is wrong or that she is taking advantage of you then speak to her about it. Don’t accuse her of anything, approach the topic diplomatically.


Appreciate Your Time Together

Yes, you are traveling a long way to see her, and yes, you really want things to work out, but letters are not substitutes for knowing someone in person. She will be different from her letters, so will you! Let go of your perceptions of her. Enjoy her company, and just appreciate the time that you have together.


Be a Gentleman at All Times

Understand that she may not always be as financially well off as you are, but she took the time and effort to get dressed up and look amazing for you!! She may not always show her appreciation that you traveled a long way to see her. She may not always appreciate your feelings for her or that your time with her is limited. “Don't sweat the small things in life... everything in life is small things" Life is unfair, be the bigger man. Be a gentleman.

If you can get this right, you'll enjoy your trip much more and you'll discover more about your special lady and you'll have less fights or arguments with her. You'll be a much more attractive person and more in control of your self. But most of ally, you won't ruin your chances with her or live with the regret of having found the love of your life and messing it up because for one brief moment you were less than a gentleman.


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