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Meet the Rose and Mimosa Finalists of the Spring Queen Beauty Pageant!

27. March 2012 by Christy 0 Comments

Have you voted for your favorite Spring Queen beauty contestant? If not, head over to the pageant home page to show your support. The winner will be crowned this Friday so don't delay!


Still not sure who to vote for? Meet the finalists of Mimosa and Rose. Check out their profiles, view their entry videos, and vote for the lady (or ladies) who strike your fancy. Premium members get additional votes so consider upgrading your membership in order to have more say in the pageant's outcome.



“I want my husband to be my teacher, my best friend, my adviser. I want to feel safe with him. I want to give him my love, as I am a passionate girl.”


“I see my man as a strong goal-oriented man, who shares my view of life and is ready to give me his strong shoulder. Of course, I want him to be attractive, but affinity of our souls is more important!”


“If to speak about my features, well, people say I combine inner and outer beauty. Is it so? Up to you."



“I think I need man who will be attentive to me, honest with me, never lie to me and value me!”


“My happy life formula is Myself Hobbies Job FAMILY = Balanced Harmony of Life Treasures. Currently only FAMILY is missing in my life! This is my dream !!! Yours too?”


“For me Love - that is Passion. Passion ignites love and keeps her alive. Passion can be recreated by recreating past situations where you feel the passion. Spontaneity and surprises produce passion. You need each day with passion.”