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Meet a New Maria on Her Name Day!

21. June 2010 by Michelle 0 Comments

June 22nd is a Russian name day for Maria!

Maria is a popular women’s name in many diverse cultures. The meaning is varied, with the Hebrew origination meaning “beloved” and the Latin meaning “the sea”.


Russian and Ukrainian women named Maria often spell it “Mariya” or go by the nickname “Masha”. They are typically very kind, caring, and attentive. Marias are also eager to help others, even it means sacrificing themselves.


Plenty of hot Russian girls share this name, especially sexy athletes such as Maria Sharapova, Maria Kirilenko, and Maria Verchenova. The name Masha is well known in the Russian folktale Masha and the Bear, as well as the heroine of Pushkin’s novel The Captain’s Daughter and as one of The Three Sisters, a play by Anton Chekhov.


Have you met any of these gorgeous Russian girls named Maria, Mariya, or Masha yet? A great way to start your correspondence is by congratulating them on their special name day! Click on their photos and get going!


Meet beautiful Marya93 from Odessa!

Lovely Ukrainian lady Mashastik

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