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How to Look Your Best on Russian Dates

20. September 2012 by Lorena 0 Comments

It’s easy to see when you look at their photos: fashion is very important to Russian ladies. When you travel to the FSU to meet your Russian sweetheart, you’ll see that she is stunningly put-together every time that you meet. Russians and Ukrainians have a tendency to, by American standards, overdress for every occasion. When you are visiting your Russian honey in her country, it’s best to do as the locals do. And remember, even if you are not yet ready for a visit, these tips can help charm the ladies: when you take pictures for your profile or to send in a message, make sure to present yourself at your best.


When you go, make sure that all of the clothing you pack is free from tears and stains, flattering to your frame, and sized correctly for you. This is especially important to do if you have been working out and have lost weight. Treat yourself to some new threads to match your improved physique!


When you go, take care to you pack clothes that are suitable for the time of year. Russian winters can be extremely cold. Pack a warm jacket and gloves to make sure you are comfortable when visiting in the winter months. In the summer, the weather tends to be in the 70s and 80s, but, there are sometimes some cooler days, too. During warm months, pack both short and long sleeve shirts to be ready for any weather. 


Jeans and t-shirts will usually be too casual for Russian dates. Wear a pair of tailored slacks and a crisp collared shirt. Don’t’ forget to pack a travel iron to take care of any wrinkles in packed clothing, or send your clothes out to be pressed.


For dinner, especially at nicer restaurants, a jacket and tie will be required. Again, make sure that the items you choose fit you well, and are clean and pressed. Freshly polished dress shoes will set off your outfit nicely.


The clothes you wear don’t need to be the newest offerings from designer labels; simply being neat and well put together will show that you have put thought into what you wear. Your Russian lady will pull out all the stops to look perfect for you; return the favor by presenting her with your best possible self.


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Photo: satomodel