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Learn Russian: Week 7 - Celebrate the Season

21. December 2012 by Lorena 0 Comments

С Рождеством!


Share the holiday job with your favorite Ukrainian girl by wishing her the joy of the season in her language. A few phrases to share the holiday cheer:


С Рождеством!

(s rah-zh-dee-st-VOH)

Merry Christmas!

Tip: Some Ukrainians Celebrate Christmas on December 25th, as we do, but others celebrate on January 6th, since the Orthodox Church uses the Julian calendar.)


С Новым годом!

(s no-vim god-om)

Happy New Year!

Tip: New Year’s Eve and Day have the same cultural significance in Ukraine that Christmas does in the US. Because of the ban on religion, many people shifted their celebrating to the secular holiday.


Дед Мороз

(Dyed ma-ROZ)

Grandfather Frost

Tip: Grandfather Frost is the Russian and Ukrainian equivalent of Santa. The “Дед” part means “grandfather”.




Snow Maiden

Tip: the Snow Maiden is Grandfather Frost’s granddaughter and helper.


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