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Learn Russian – Summer Holiday in Ukraine

15. May 2013 by Lorena 0 Comments

Summer is a great time to visit Ukraine. The weather is warm, and seaside communities like Odessa are lively. Our summer travel phrases can help you get around during this gorgeous season.


What a nice day today!

Какой хороший день сегодня!


Yes, it is warm and sunny.

Да, так тепло и солнечно.


Does this tram go to the beach?

Этот трамвай идет на пляж?


How much is the tram?

Сколько стоитпроезд на трамвае?


Where do I rent a beach chair?

Где я могу арендовать пляжное кресло?


How much do they charge per hour?

Сколько они взимают в час?


Is there a fee to enter the beach?

(Many beaches are private and have nominal fees for use.)

Есть ли плата для входа на пляж?



What is the weather forecast for the weekend?

Какой прогноз погоды на выходные?