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Learn Russian - Chatting About Family

23. May 2013 by Lorena 0 Comments

Family is very important to Ukrainian ladies. Chances are good that she is close to hers, and may even live with relatives. At the very least, they probably form an important part of her social life, and she sees them often.


This all makes family a perfect topic of conversation as you are getting to know one another better. These easy conversation cues are a great place to start.


One other note: in Russian, there are formal and informal forms of you and your.The more formal forms are used when you first meet someone. Later on, as you get to know one another, the familiar form is more appropriate. We’ve included both forms here. It’s always best to start formal, and follow the lady’s cues from there. For instance, you would use the formal version of "you" when meeting a business associate for the first time. You would use the informal form of address when talking to your brother.


Do you have any brothers or sisters?


Есть ли у Вас братья или сестры? 


Есть ли у тебя братья или сестры?  


I have a younger brother.

У меня есть младший брат.


Do your parents live nearby?


Ваши родители живут рядом?


Твои родители живут рядом?


My parents live in another state.

Мои родители живут в другом штате.


Do you visit your family often?


Вы часто навещаете Вашу семью? 


Ты часто навещаешь свою семью?


I see my family once a month.

Я навещаю свою семью раз в месяц.


Did you enjoy your holiday with your family?


Понравился ли Вам отпуск с Вашей семьёй?


Понравился ли тебе отпуск с твоей семьёй?


Yes, we had a wonderful time.

Да, мы замечательно провели время.

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