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Learn More With Introduction Videos

9. May 2011 by Christy 0 Comments

Have you checked out's introduction videos? These fun, unique, and creative videos are a gret way to learn more about the ladies of RLM!


The concept of an introduction video is simple. Ladies make a short video with the object of helping gentlemen understand more about them. Some women choose to demonstrate a special hobby or talent, while others prefer to discuss what they’re looking for in a partner. Some ladies take gentlemen on a video tour of their apartment or hometown, while others chat about whatever comes to mind. The introduction videos are as varied as the women themselves, so members never know quite what to expect.

Not only are introduction videos entertaining, but they are a great way for gentlemen to narrow down their search and learn fun little things about a lady. For example, what a woman’s voice sounds like and the mannerisms that make her unique. They videos also make for great topics of conversation. Be sure to check them out!


To watch an introduction video, simply visit a lady’s profile and click on the “View My Intro” button at the top of the page. Please note, that not all women have uploaded a video. To search for women who have recorded intro videos, go to the Advanced Search page and select “Yes” in the “Has Intro. Video” box.


Though chat and email is great, few things compare to seeing and hearing a lady on camera. The next time you're browsing RussianLoveMatch for special ladies, take a look at the introduction videos. You'll be glad that you did!