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World's Largest Champagne Flute Created in Ukraine

24. September 2012 by Lorena 0 Comments

 Few people outside the FSU know that the climate and soil in parts of the Ukraine are among the best in the world for growing the grapes that are used in sparkling wine. Some Ukrainian wine-makers decided that they wanted to raise awareness in a big way: by creating the world’s largest champagne flute. The record they had to beat was a daunting one: the most recent record was set in Canada with a glass that held over 27 liters.


The Ukrainian wine makers pooled their resources to hire ART Glass to create the perfect record-breaking vessel. The Canadian record holders told ART Glass’s artists that a larger flute that was structurally sound would be impossible to create. The Ukrainian glass artists proved them wrong. At an event in Balaklava the massive champagne flute was proved capable of holding over 75 bottles of sparkling wine.


The Ukrainian champagne flute holds 60 liters of bubbly, which is over twice as much as the former world record holder. The hand-blown glass stands four and a half feet tall and weighs over 50 pounds.


Have you ever had Ukrainian sparkling wine? Ask your favorite Ukrainian lady which one she likes best.

Photo: Guinness