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Italian Men and Russian Women: A Good Match

17. November 2009 by Christy 0 Comments

Why do Russian women and Italian men make a good match? Read on to find out!


Appreciation for the Finer Things in Life

Italy is known the world over for its contributions to art and culture. Thousands of tourists flock to the Italy each year to view the nation’s masterpieces, attend a famous opera, sample fine Italian cuisine, or visit one of the country’s 44 UNESCO World Heritage sites (the most in the world). Art, theatre, and music are also important in Russian culture, and an appreciation for the finer things in life often brings Russian women and Italian men together. 


Emphasis on Family

As we’ve stated many times before, Russian women are drawn to men with family values. According to a 2007 study commissioned by Hugo Boss, 50% of Italian men strive to be a “pillar for one’s family,” and Italian men are known worldwide for their devotion to family members, especially their mothers. What woman can resist a man with values like that, particularly a lady who is dedicated to family herself?


Traditional Values

Russian women typically want to settle down and have children at a younger age than Western women (22-23 vs. 27-28 according to a 2005 study), and the role of a housewife is not something they shy away from. Traditional gender roles are also common in Italy, with men concentrating on their careers and women taking charge of domestic tasks. Italian men and Russian women mesh well together in this regard, though it doesn’t mean the men must settle for a meek and submissive partner. Mutual expectations lead to happier relationships.

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