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I am on the fence about joining? Is RussianLoveMatch safe and secure?

29. October 2009 by Michelle 0 Comments

There is a reason why every day, thousands of men worldwide, choose to join They know that for the money no one in the online dating industry can offer the service, safety and simplicity that members enjoy. But just like Balloon Boy, there are many lies and deceptions out there about  So if you are on the fence about joining, here are some questions to ponder.


What’s the Cost?

If you were to go on a search for a Russian bride on your own, how would you do it? You could spend countless hours looking at internet sites with beautiful women and emailing them. But how do you know that the women are real?  Who do you know in Russia that is trustworthy to investigate these women?   How would you translate your correspondence to make sure it was accurate? If you traveled to meet her, who do you know? Where’s a good hotel or restaurant? Do you know a romantic spot? The amount of money that you would spend for these services and countless others, that would ensure your safety, is more than what you would spend on your membership.


What Price is your Privacy Worth?

Some look at the services that we provide and ask well if you really are in the true love service then it should be free? Okay, look at some free internet dating sites and see what they offer or better yet what they don’t.


Javelin Strategy and Research reported that in 2008 9.9 million Americans became victims of identity theft to the tune of $48 billion. The average victim lost $4,849 per incident. RussianLoveMatch takes values our members and makes their privacy are top priority. That is why all communications between members are restricted to our website. That means that the ladies cannot gain access to your personal email or other private information. With our VeriSign certificate system all your financial information is encrypted, and all computer servers have multiple firewalls, and are kept in a locked and secured area. In addition private member information is limited to very few employees.  Ask yourself can you afford identity theft?



Getting value for your money is very important. We understand that our services are not for everyone. But for the gentleman with sophisticated, discriminating tastes, offers a secure, safe, private method to meet and date beautiful Russian ladies.