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I Heard That Your Agencies Pay Women to Chat. Is This True?

12. July 2010 by Christy 0 Comments

At times, members contact us with concerns about the ladies on our site being paid to chat. Some men wonder if we pay the women directly from our U.S. headquarters, while others worry the introduction agencies in Russia and Ukraine dole out the payments. They need not worry. We do not pay women to chat and's strict anti-scam policies and procedures weed out women and introduction agencies who are only interested in chatting for money.


Introduction Agencies

An introduction agency is a Russian or Ukrainian-based business that offers computers, web cams, and a location for Russian women to engage in online dating. The agencies also provide translators to help ladies communicate with gentlemen. As the vast majority of the ladies on do not have home computers, they communicate with Western suitors at agencies affiliated with our web site.


The Agencies Agree Not to Pay Russian Women

Both the agencies and the women who use them must agree to RussianLoveMatch's Terms of Use before they use our service. This includes ladies receiving compensation for participating on our site. If we learn that an agency is paying ladies we will no longer work with the agency and we will remove the ladies from our site. We have done this in the past and will not hesitate to do it again.


We Investigate All Complaints and Concerns

If a member suspects a lady is being paid by an agency, he should report his suspicions as soon as possible. We will investigate the matter and act accordingly. We can’t fix a problem we don’t know exists so we encourage our members to report any and all suspicions they might have. does not pay women to chat, nor do the agencies affiliated with the service. If a member has concerns about our service or thinks he has encountered a Russian scammer, he is welcome to contact our friendly and helpful customer service department.