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How to Start a Conversation on Russian Love Match

23. October 2012 by Lorena 0 Comments

How do you talk to a gorgeous stranger? When you first see someone who you would like to get to know better, it can be difficult to think of ways to start a conversation. However, a bit of coaching can make it a bit easier.


The best conversationalists are active listeners. People are drawn to the people who are interested in them. A few tips that can get you started:


Start with an open-ended question like, “What do you like best about your town/your job/your school?”

This question requires more than a yes or no answer; she’ll have a chance to relay her favorite things about those subjects. Listen with interest to her answers. They give you the clues for what to comment on or ask about next.


Bring in some give and take by sharing a related tidbit about yourself.

For instance, if she tells you that she works for a  veterinarian, tell her about your favorite pet. Conversations flow naturally when each partner is sharing a bit about themselves and asking about the other. It also allows you and your Russian bride to learn more about one another and learn whether you are a good match.


Be careful not to fall into interview mode.

When you are nervous, you could wind up firing off questions one after another. However, this leads to a lopsided and uncomfortable conversation. Instead, slow down and carefully take in her answers. Let her words make you think. Then, share your reaction with her. Luckily, when you are first getting acquainted, you will be conversing through chat or email, which gives you time to read and think. This interaction can happen at whatever pace you need.


Make sure you don’t just talk about yourself.

Conversations involve give and take. Try to alternate between talking about your day or your life and talking about hers. Remember, she is there to find someone, just like you are. Give her a chance to get her own insights and interests out there, and do the same for her.


In the end, it’s best to just relax and enjoy the interaction. Don’t allow yourself to get stressed out over interacting with Russian ladies. They are there to meet people and enjoy themselves, too. Allow yourself to simply enjoy the conversation, and you have a great chance of connecting with a wonderful Russian girl.