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How is Russian Love Match Different from Hot Russian Brides?

7. May 2013 by Christy 0 Comments

Some men are naturally curious about and Does one have an advantage over the other? What are the main differences? Which site offers the best chance of finding a match? Here are the answers to these common questions. 


The only difference between Hot Russian Brides and Russian Love Match is the name. The functionalities are identical, and the same women are on both sites. So why the two services? Some men are uncomfortable with the name Hot Russian Brides so we offer Russian Love Match as a softer alternative. There’s no advantage to choosing one site over the other unless you prefer a certain name or favor a red and black color scheme (RLM) over one that is red and white (HRB). Both sites feature over 17,000 women from Eastern Europe and contain such features as live video streaming, profile videos, an online web hostess, VoyerCam™, and much more. 


Ultimately, your chances of finding a Russian love match on are the same as finding a hot Russian bride on The sites are merely two portals to the same destination. The only way to improve your chances of finding a match is to work hard at it and refuse to let heartbreak and disappoint keep you down. The site’s name has no effect on your search.


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