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How Should I Introduce Myself?

11. June 2013 by Christy 0 Comments

Many men on Russian Love Match see plenty of women they’d love to contact, but they often aren’t sure what to say. Do you struggle to find the right words when it comes to sending that first email or initiating chat with a new woman? Here are a few tips to help you get started.


Prepare an Elevator Speech

Many job-hunting guides suggest candidates prepare a short blurb, or elevator speech, about who they are and what they have to offer a potential employer. The idea is that job seekers will always have something to say when meeting a new business contact. Men can apply the same principle to Russian dating.


If you struggle with introductions on Russian Love Match, try pre-writing a short blurb that shares a little about who you are and what you hope to find on the site. This will help save time and ensure you always have something to a new woman. What you write in your blurb is up to you, but your name, age, job, interests, and goals are a few good options. 


Reference Something in Her Profile

After sharing a little about yourself, try turning your attention to the woman. Find something in a woman’s profile that intrigues you and then ask follow-up questions. Many singles, both men and women, rely on generic introduction messages to reach out to a new contact. However, men who take the time to read a woman’s profile and ask thoughtful questions make a far better impression than those who don’t. A lady’s city, hobbies, occupation, and pics are just a few profile elements men can reference. 


Keep it Short

Once you get started asking questions and sharing information, it can hard to stop. However, the best introduction messages are short and sweet. Not only are brief messages easier for Russian women to read and respond to, but they are more likely to spark interest and entice the ladies to write back.


In short, the best introduction messages are short and sweet, reference something in a woman’s profile, and are something men have spent time crafting. Head on over to Russian Love Match to say hello to beautiful single women from Russia and Ukraine. 


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