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How Long Should I Give Russian Dating?

15. May 2013 by Christy 0 Comments

Some men want to know how long they should give Russian dating a go before calling it quits. A few weeks? Months? Years? If you’re thinking of halting your search, here are a few things to consider. 


As we’ve said before, there’s no universal timeframe when it comes to international dating. Some men meet their match after just a few days, while others spend several years online. Some men never meet a wife or long-term partner. Love and dating unfortunately offer no guarantees.  


How long you should try Russian dating depends on a number of factors: the amount of time you can dedicate to your search, your budget, your level of enjoyment, etc. These factors vary widely from person to person so we can’t possibly tell you when, or if, to log off for good.


Generally speaking, if you enjoy your time on Russian Love Match it’s a good idea to remain a member. Even if you don’t meet the woman who ultimately becomes your wife, you’ll have a great time chatting and flirting with beautiful Ukrainian women. Plus, while you’re not guaranteed to find a match on RLM, you definitely won’t find one if your abandon your search altogether. 


The decision to stay or go is a decision every man must make for himself. If you do decide to call it quits, consider making your account inactive, rather than deleting it, as you’ll be able to return should you later change your mind. Good luck!


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