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How Do Russian Ladies Access Russian Love Match?

9. December 2009 by Daniel 0 Comments

Users of frequently ask us how the Russian ladies themselves access the service.

In Ukraine and in many parts of Russia, internet services are not as common as in the US. It is not like the majority of US Broadband plans where the customer can pay $50 for a month and receive Unlimited Internet Access. Instead, ISPs in Russia normally charge per use like a utility, and normally they are charging prices outside of the reach of a normal person or family. Internet cafes can be popular among some wealthier individuals, but for regular people are still too pricey to be a feasible option.

In an effort to improve relations between our members, works with local agencies in the cities where the ladies live. The agencies each operate offices to allow the ladies a comfortable environment to access the site and an internet connection that they do not have to pay for. The agencies are also able to offer services to ensure smoother communication the ladies and users of Russian Love Match, including translation and interpretation services.

The agencies can also be useful when you are ready to meet a lady from the website, as they are able to provide services when you are travelling such as accommodations, transportation (including picking up from the airport and getting from area to area), translation services and even suggestions on romantic areas to take the lady you are interested in.

Due to the amount of money it takes to operate the offices and to offer the services that we have available, does need to charge more than domestic, US-based websites, but based on our price-to-features comparison, we are proud to be one of the most cost-effective options in the International Dating community, offering chat and video chat services far beyond our competitors and a price point that many of them could never reach.