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How Are Ukrainian Girls So Gorgeous?

15. March 2010 by Michelle 0 Comments

Beautiful bride from Lugansk, Mirlana

They're smart, charming, and feminine. But one of the most obvious reasons that men from around the world travel to Ukraine to meet their soul mates is their stunning beauty.


Whether you visit Odessa, Kiev, Lugansk, or any of the other cities, you'll be amazed at the amount of beautiful women everywhere you look! Here are a few reasons that help explain why these Ukrainian girls are so gorgeous.


Eating and Exercising  

Most Ukrainian women focus on healthy eating habits and an active lifestyle. Meals are often freshly homemade rather than picked up from a fast food joint. They also participate in plenty of outdoor activities in their leisure time, plus they walk most everywhere they need to go since they don’t own cars. This combination of proper diet and daily exercise keep them in shape and looking good.


The Importance of Appearance  

Another reason that Ukrainian women appear so attractive is because they love fashion, cosmetics, and looking their best. Most ladies will agree that one of their favorite hobbies is shopping and they are usually buying clothes and makeup. If they can afford it, many ladies also love visiting salons and spas. Some say that how you look on the outside is a beautiful way to express how you feel on the inside.


Myths and Legends  

Some people believe that the women of Ukraine are so beautiful because of stories they’ve heard in Russian and Ukrainian folklore. One legend says that Russian Empress Catherine II was so determined to be the most beautiful woman in Russia that she banished all of the pretty ladies to remote areas of Ukraine, such as Odessa and Lugansk. While there is no evidence that this legend is based on truth, a walk through the streets of those cities convinces many into believing it.


The beauty of Ukrainian women may never be fully explained nor understood, but it can certainly be experienced by dating them online at Start chatting with a few and you will soon see that there is much more to these lovely ladies than their beauty alone. Once you get to know some Ukrainian girls that you’d like to meet in person, contact our travel liaison to help schedule your trip to one of the most beautiful places in the world.