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Have You Seen the New Fall Virtual Cards?

1. November 2011 by Michelle 0 Comments

With colorful graphics and sweet sayings, the Virtual Cards on are a charming way to show your favorite ladies that you care. Each one is creatively crafted to make the girls smile. And now, new seasonal cards are starting to become available!


A few fall themed cards have already been added, but even more are on the way in the coming weeks. Do you know where to find the Virtual Cards?


The Virtual Cards are located on the email page. Whether you are sending an Introduction Email or a Follow Up Email, the Virtual Cards appear below the text box. You can click on each card to preview it, then click Select when you've chosen the one you want to send. The card is attached to your email, and you can still include a message of your own. 


In addition to the new seasonal cards, there are other varieties for every occasion! From I'm Sorry and Get Well Soon to Birthday Wishes and Just Because, the cute cards bring a little something extra to your message.


Take a look at the Virtual Cards today! And check back all week for new ones!