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Finding Your Zodiac Match on

29. October 2009 by Christy 0 Comments

As you may be aware, RussianLoveMatch has an extensive advanced search tool that allows members to search by age, height, city, and appearance, among others. But did you also know that gentlemen may browse ladies by their Western or Chinese Zodiac signs? Despite the skepticism many have towards astrology, a growing number of people consult the stars when selecting a partner. Read on to find out how RussianLoveMatch can help you find your zodiac match.


RussianLoveMatch's advanced search feature allows gentlemen to search for ladies by their Western zodiac sign, their Chinese zodiac sign, or both. For example, if you wish to meet a lady who is a Libra just select Libra in the Astrology Sign search box. If you’re more into Chinese astrology and hope to find a Monkey, just select Monkey in the Chinese Zodiac search box. If you want a lady who is a Libra AND a Monkey select both! Your zodiac search can be as narrow or broad as you want it to be.  

RussianLoveMatch also offers a zodiac compatibility tool that allows members to search for ladies whose zodiac signs are compatible with their own. Our members don’t have to conduct outside research to learn which signs suit them best. Members can also choose a compatibility percentage anywhere between 50-90%, giving them further control over the search parameters. The zodiac compatibility tool is an easy and convenient way for gentlemen to narrow down large search returns.

Ready to give it a shot? Find your zodiac match on today!