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Do Russian Women Care About Looks?

14. September 2012 by Christy 0 Comments

Many people believe Russian women don’t care about a man’s appearance, or that the ladies are at least willing to overlook bad looks if the man’s wealthy enough. After all, who hasn’t heard the popular urban legend about a friend of a friend’s slovenly co-worker who is happily married to a Russian stunner? With stories like that making the rounds, no wonder some men join international dating sites in hopes of finding a supermodel. The truth, however, is a little different.

The majority of Russian women do indeed care about a man’s looks. It’s only natural for women to want a partner they find attractive. However, that doesn’t mean the ladies insist on dating men who pass for Calvin Klein models. Men who put a little effort into their appearance by dressing nicely and staying tidy have a great chance of finding a match on RLM, even if they aren’t classically handsome. In fact, a clean, well-groomed appearance is one of Russian women’s biggest turn ons. 

When choosing photos for your Hot Russian Brides profile, select ones in which you look well put together. This means picking shots where your hair looks neat (facial hair included), your clothes are clean and reasonably wrinkle free, and you look fresh and cheerful. Good lighting is also important. Russian women are much more likely to respond to men with good profile pics than men with poor photos or none at all.

The women of Russian Love Match know that good looks don’t guarantee a happy relationship, but that doesn’t mean they don’t care about appearance at all. If you hope to find a Russian love match, it pays to put a little effort into your appearance.