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Crazy Finds from the Vending Machines of Moscow

19. November 2012 by Lorena 0 Comments

Vending machines are most frequently the cause of crises of willpower or source of desperation lunches. Most stock a fairly predictable array of candies, sodas and snacks. But, these machines in Moscow have some offerings that are bit different from the usual vending machine fare. A few of the strangest ones:


Pizza – Italian vending machine company Let’s Pizza doesn’t just warm a frozen offering. It mixes fresh dough and bakes pizzas with a variety of toppings. Usual toppings include sausage, pepperoni and ham; however, the options are customizable, so, you can find other combos as different locations.


Caviar – government offices throughout Moscow now house machines that dish out red caviar. Buyers put in bills or coins to get jars of the salty salmon eggs that range in price from $5 to $7.


Milk – bring your own container or buy one, and get a blast of fresh raw milk from local farmers. Most machines charge 5 rubles for the bottle and 50 to 100 rubles for the milk.


Fresh Orange Juice – in Moscow’s DME airport, thirsty travelers can find a machine that will squeeze a glass of fresh orange juice for 100 rubles. Buyers can watch through a glass panel as the machine slices the fruit and squeezes out the juice.


Full Meals – this goes way beyond the sad sandwiches offered in some US vending machines. Vending machines in Moscow offer hot dogs, hamburgers, kebabs and rice and potatoes.


Contact Lenses – in many supermarkets in Russia, people can pick up new contact lenses from handy machines and skip a trip to the optometrist.


Animal Food – want to feed the animals while wandering in Gorky Park? The vending machines there have you covered. There is food available for birds, fish, rabbits and other creatures.


SIM Cards – this is a handy one for the international traveler. Instead of venturing to the shops to find a SIM card for your phone while you are abroad, you can pick one up right in the Moscow airport. Make sure that you have a multi-frequency phone before you go so you know that the Russian SIM will work.