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Constitution Day Gives Ukrainians Long Holiday Weekend

27. June 2012 by Michelle 0 Comments

While there's been plenty of pomp and circumstance going on around Ukraine for the Euro Cup, citizens will celebrate for a different reason tomorrow. Constitution Day is June 28th and in addition to concerts and fireworks, most workers will enjoy a long 4-day weekend. 


Are you dating any ladies who live in Kyiv? One of the largest celebrations will take place tomorrow in Maidan Nezalezhnosti, the city's central square. Ukrainian artists Kozak System, Tik, Mad Heads and the famous Oleh Skrypka are scheduled to perform.


Constitution Day celebrates the anniversary of when officials adopted the present constitution at an overnight parliamentary session on June 27-28, 1996, also known as "the constitutional night of 1996." It was the first constitution of independent Ukraine. Ukraine’s president and parliament will consider any constitutional changes on this day and Ukrainian citizens can decide on how parliament will carry out major amendments.


Government policy gives Ukrainians Thursday through Sunday off from work for this year's holiday. However, they'll have to make up for Friday by working the following Saturday, July 7th. Keep this in mind if you're looking to schedule chat dates with your favorite Ukrainian brides.