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Can She Be Sexy and Serious?

6. November 2009 by Christy 0 Comments

Scanning our ladies' profiles and photo galleries can make your eyes pop and your head spin: So many model-gorgeous faces, so many beautiful bodies! You might ask, Why do many of them show so much skin? Are they for real? 


The short answer is, yes, they are real, eligible -- and gorgeous! There are simply some cultural differences you might not have considered.  


Why are there so many beautiful women?

Russian women are taught to enhance their appearance. They don't see going to the salon, the gym, the facialist and the makeup counter as indulgences. Economic and lifestyle factors allow women in this region to spend a large share of their disposable income on beauty, and these services are relatively inexpensive.

Is looking beautiful their only concern?

Not at all! Some like to go to dance clubs, others enjoy intellectual discussions late into the night, and others crave the great outdoors. Some love all three! Looking their personal best is simply part of life for Russian women, unrelated to their interests. For many of them, jeans, tee shirts and sneakers are strictly clean-the-house attire. If you like a woman who loves looking feminine, you'll be delighted by this Russian attitude.


What about all those sexy pictures the ladies post?

Again, think about cultural differences. Traditionally, Americans put women in one of two categories: June Cleaver-like "ladies" who want to get married, and the girls who just want to have fun. The Russian attitude is, why can't you be both? It's perfectly acceptable in many countries for women to flaunt their sensuality and their serious side without being typecast.


Why show so much skin?

Anyone looking for a partner wants to stand out from the crowd. And let's face it, men are visual creatures. These ladies are also proud of the work they put into looking fabulous. They would love to find the perfect match who shares their dreams, values and interests. 


Take a closer look

Whether a lady chooses to show a lot of skin or not should never be the only indicator of what she has to offer. Personality and compatibility are what cement a relationship. That's why always encourages its members to take their time getting to know a lady. We have learned from experience what Mom always told you: "Beauty is skin-deep." See what the beautiful ladies on our site have to offer you, inside and out.