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Can I really meet someone on Strategy for Success

29. October 2009 by Christy 0 Comments

Many of our members have found someone special through our Website, some even leading to marriage. We have been in business over 6 years and have become a leader in the industry because of these matches. If all we provided were empty promises, then we wouldn’t be business.


Based on our experience and countless member conversations, we have found that there is a strategy men can use to better their chances of finding someone they are compatible with that will lead to the next step.


Avoiding Failures

Before telling you how to “do it”, we will share how “not to do it”, which is more important.

  • Don’t ask her for nude pictures or to strip on Video Streaming
  • Don’t send her nude pictures of yourself
  • Don’t ask her to marry you in the first email
  • Don’t be negative or accusatory on your profile or in emails
  • Don’t tell her she is stupid for looking for love online
  • Don’t get upset if she takes a few days to write back
  • Don’t expect her to fall in love with you without you putting in the effort

For a complete list of turn ons and turn offs, check out the survey we conducted on 580 of our female members.


Strategy for Success

Many members ask for a “success strategy” they can use on Based on hundreds of customer service queries, we have compiled a 7 step strategy that will help you get results. Note that we can’t (and won’t) force anyone into liking you or meeting you. It is all up to you to charm the lady and make her comfortable enough to want to meet you in person. Onto the strategy:


1) Define your selection criteria and search for Ladies that meet your criteria

2) Use our Zodiac Compatibility feature and identify the best results

3) Send as many introduction emails as your Premium Membership allows

4) Follow up with your Top 10 via email and chat

5) Spend time with them on chat and video streaming to get a better idea of their personalities

6) Narrow your “pool” to the Top 3

7) Continue corresponding until you can narrow it down to your Ideal Match

8) Send an Intimacy Request and seek her approval (this will allow you to get her personal information, after she accepts)

9) Contact Our Travel Coordinator and plan set up a meeting with her in person, or if she refuses your Intimacy Request, attempt it again with your other top choices.


All the men and ladies on are there for the same reasons: to find someone special with whom they have compatibility with. Keep an open mind and understand that, like in the real world, relationships need lots of attention, communication and nurturing.