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California Saves Russian Fort

3. December 2009 by James 0 Comments

The ecomony has taken a tool on state governments all across the United States.  But in late September, the State of California announced that Fort Ross, which was built in 1812 by Russian settlers, will remain open as a state park. The historical site was one of about 100 state parks that faced closure due to the California budget crisis.


After visiting the site last month, Russian Ambassador to the United States, Sergei Kislyak, urged California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger to keep the reconstructed site open. In a personal letter to the governor, Kislyak wrote that it is a “memorable landmark in Russia-U.S. relations.”


Under new budget plans, announced by Governor Schwarzenegger, California will be able to keep state parks open without increased expenditures.


Fort Ross located 2 ½ hours north of San Francisco was founded under a tsarist charter by the Russian-American company in 1812 and was used for three decades as a supply source for Russia’s Alaskan colonies. Fort Ross was the most southern Russian outpost in North America.


The Fort Ross Historic State Park was established in 1906 and includes the restored Rotchev House, built around 1836 for the administrator of the outpost and a reconstruction of the first Russian Orthodox Church in the Americas south of Alaska.