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Brains and Beauty: A Russian Bride's Education

20. November 2009 by Marie 0 Comments

Many Russian women on our site are students, and many gentlemen wonder what their lives are like.


A students' life

The answer: It's not a cushy existence!  The country's education system is notorously challenging. It doesn't sugarcoat, curve grades, or fret over kids' self-esteem. There are no "basketweaving" electives.  It's about facts, the Classics, and lots of memorization. Later it's focused on research, formal dissertations and thesis papers.

The results? Russia has a 98 percent literacy rate, and half of its people have a higher education degree.

Russian education system

The education structure in Russia has always paralleled other Western systems but is slowly becoming even more so, with a four-year Bachelor's degree and a two-year Master's degree. Public and private universities are extremely competitive with many required courses, field work and research papers. Technical and business colleges are also highly challenging. Students can also earn the equivalent of a Ph.D. There are two levels of doctoral degrees: Kandidat Nauk degree the first level, and the more challenging Doktor Nauk degree.


Student life

For all students learn in Russian schools, researchers note a lack the higher order thinking skills. Russian teachers expect students to memorize and accept what they are taught without questioning. Unlike schools in the west, teachers don't ask students, "How do you feel about this issue we're studying?" or "How did you arrive at that answer?"  Of course, Russians are as curious as people everywhere; but questioning a teacher is considered disrespectful to authority.


The differences in Russian and Western education affect the way its people think. Knowing this may help you and your hot Russian lady understand eachother.  Discover the exciting mix of sexiness and smarts on