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Best Coffee Houses for a Date in Kiev

2. November 2012 by Lorena 0 Comments

Coffee is popular with both Russians and Ukrainians. If you are getting to know a lovely Ukrainian lady in Kiev, consider meeting for a coffee date. Not only is it less expensive than going out to eat, the relaxed structure of a coffee meet-up gives you time to chat and relax together. Here are five of the best coffee houses for dates in Kiev:


Aroma – during the day, it’s a low key and cozy hang out. Offerings range from espresso, cappuccino and hot cider to warming and filling soups. It gets a bit more lively in the late evening. On Friday nights, a DJ spins music. 


Ciferblat is great for hanging out and getting to know a Ukrainian lady. Instead of purchasing individual cups of coffee, you pay for the time that you spend in the café. While there, you can enjoy coffee, tea and sweets at no additional charge.


Home Café is a little ways from the city center, but it is worth seeking out. It is a wonderful comfy coffee house to settle in for a chat while you enjoy food and drink. The coffee is top notch, and the room is filled with large, inviting couches.


Kaffa on Grigoriya Skovorody serves great coffee and is a terrific place to hang out and people watch. For ten years, the staff has nurtured their passion for a perfect cup of coffee. Kaffa boasts a wide range of brews made with locally roasted beans.


Lviv Handmade Chocolate is a great place for those with a sweet tooth. They make a wide range of sweets on the premises and serve them with coffee, hot chocolate, or spiced tea.