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Are Russian Women Only Interested in Men From the U.S.?

20. June 2011 by Christy 0 Comments

Many men believe that Russian women are only interested in dating American men, but this simply isn't accurate. The ladies of RussianLoveMatch are interested in meeting gentlemen from around the world and will not turn a suitor away simply because he isn't from the United States.


The ladies' primary goal in using is to find a long-term match, not a man from country A or country B. As the site operates in English, the majority of men are from the United States, England, Canada, or Australia, but many of the ladies are open to meeting men from around the world, be it South America, Western Europe, Asia, etc.

Though there’s no way for men to search for women with a pronounced interest in one country or the other, it may help gentlemen to search for women who speak the language of their land. Perhaps these links will help.


Russian Women That Speak Spanish
Russian Women That Speak French
Russian Women That Speak Italian
Russian Women That Speak Dutch
Russian Women That Speak German
Russian Women That Speak Chinese
Russian Women That Speak Japanese
Russian Women That Speak Portuguese

Of course, the best way for a gentleman to learn if a lady is interested is to strike up a conversation, get to know her, learn what she is seeking in a mate and if the two are compatible.


Not from the U.S.A.? That's okay! The ladies of RussianLoveMatch are searching for the man of their dreams, wherever he happens to be. Join RussianLoveMatch and find someone special today!