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Are Russian Women Just After Money?

11. December 2009 by Daniel 0 Comments

People sometimes have the misconception that Russian women are only interested in dating men who have a lot of money. Anyone who spends a little time getting to know some of the ladies on will quickly realize that this is a myth. Still, some gentlemen still wonder if money is the best way to attract Russian women. 


Do Russian Women Just Want Money?

Ultimately the answer is no. Money can get you a lot of things in life, but it can’t buy the heart of a Russian woman. If all that Russian women wanted was money, there is no shortage of wealthy Russian men whom they could marry. Like most women, Russian ladies seek more than just financial security in a relationship.


The reasons that so many of them pursue foreign gentlemen vary. In general though, they seek foreign gentlemen with a commitment to family and one with just enough money to be considered financially stable. You don’t need to own a huge house or a nice car or lots of fancy toys in order to be considered in control of your finances.


Other Ways to Impress Her

If you really want to impress a Russian lady, there are any number of ways to do so, which don’t involve money. These include showing an interest in the things that interest her. If she tells you something unique about herself, whether it’s related to her career, her family, her ambitions, etc. try to delve deeper into what she tells you and get more details. Even if it’s not something you find particularly interesting, asking questions shows her that you’re listening and want to know what she has to say.


Tell Her About You

In addition to showing interest in her, you need to let her know the things that set you apart from other gentlemen. Tell her what kinds of things you like to do. What movies, books or music do you enjoy? What do you do in your free time? Give thoughtful answers to any questions she asks you. If things click, you will likely find that you both have some things in common. None of these things necessarily has to involve money for her to see that you are someone she likes and wants to get to know.


Money can get you some things, but it can't get you everything. And it certainly is not the key to a Russian girl's heart. If you really want to attract a Russian woman, the best way is to get to know her personally and allow her to get to know you. Get started now by logging onto and signing up for a premium membership.