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Are Russian Brides Attracted to Bad Boys?

11. May 2010 by Michelle 0 Comments

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Everywhere you look you tend to see rugged, tough guys with nice, hot girls. Are ladies really attracted to these macho meatheads?


More specifically, are Russian and Ukrainian women searching for these stereotypical bad boys? By taking a look at some of their traits, men can see why women around the world are often magnetized toward these types of men.


Bad Boys are Fascinating

Russian girls are curious and adventurous with an intense thirst for knowledge and new things. They want a man who can quench this thirst with an interesting personality and an exciting lifestyle. Bad boys tend to go against the grain and do things their own way which can be very fascinating to women. Following the same old routine day after day can get boring. Try adding a little variety and spontaneity to attract more sexy Russian ladies.


Bad Boys Keep It Cool

Confidence is sexy. Russian women are certainly attracted to men who know what they want, know what they’re about, and really don’t care what others think. Bad boys often exude that coolness and self-assurance, and you can too with a little practice.


Bad Boys are Real Men

Once you combine the interesting personality, strength of character, and confidence, you will be well on your way toward the real man that Russian women love. You don’t have to rob banks, be covered in tattoos, or ride motorcycles to be a bad boy. How you perceive yourself is what matters most. You can adjust your actions and your attitude slightly to resemble some of these bad boy traits and you may become more attractive to Russian women.


Dating can be confusing. Women appear to like the bad boys, yet they want to see your sensitive side. They want you to be strong and macho, yet you should help with the household chores. The key is to find the woman that adores all of your unique characteristics and loves you for you. By adapting to some of these qualities that have been known to catch more attention, you will have more success finding your hot Russian bride sooner.