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A Free Bronze Membership Isn't Necessarily the Best

6. June 2011 by Christy 0 Comments

When joining RussianLoveMatch for the first time, many gentlemen sign up for a free Bronze membership. However, this option isn't necessarily the best for active members. Here's why a Premium membership is worth considering.


A Discount on Video, Chat

Instant messaging and live video streaming are integral parts of the Russian dating experience, therefore it’s important that gentlemen get the best price based on their usage needs. Premium members receive a 50% discount on these crucial services, making the Russian dating experience much more affordable. Not only that, but premium members also receive a 25% discount in our gift shop, a perk not available to Bronze members. 


No Fee to Open Emails

There’s no doubt about it. Members of receive a lot of email from Russian ladies. While Premium members can open an unlimited amount of mail without spending a single credit, Bronze members must pay for each email they open. This naturally limits the amount of potential matches a man can meet.


Free Introduction and Follow-Up Emails

While opening emails is fun, gentlemen naturally want to send introduction and follow-up emails as well. Unlike Bronze members, premium members are able to send a certain amount of outgoing messages for free (amount varies by membership level). This benefit makes finding the right lady all the more fun, simple, and affordable. 

While a Bronze membership is good for new members who want to get a feel for RussianLoveMatch, gentlemen who use our service on a regular basis should consider upgrading to a Premium membership to enjoy perks like free introduction and follow-up emails, video and chat discounts, and free mail from Russian women.