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A Beginner's Guide to Russian Dating

6. January 2010 by Christy 0 Comments

While Russian dating is exciting and different, it also has its share of ups and downs. If you're new to, here are a few simple tips to help you avoid common Russian dating mistakes.


Be Choosy

The most time-efficient and cost-effective way to use is to find a small group of women you are truly interested in pursuing and then focus on getting to know these special ladies. While it's easy to do, try not to get distracted by unsolicited emails. Many chivalrous gentlemen feel pressured to respond to every message they receive, however members (especially new members) receive a large amount of introductory email from the ladies and attempting to reply to each and every message will only waste time and money and cause unnecessary frustration. It’s okay (and smart) to delete unsolicited emails from women who don’t interest you!


Don't Expect Too Much Too Soon

It takes time to form a solid relationship with a woman on a Russian dating website. The same is true with domestic dating sites. Even couples who date in person need time to cultivate a serious relationship. For whatever reason, some gentlemen expect accelerated courtships on Russian dating sites and this is simply not a realistic expectation. Love takes time and it’s highly unlikely that a member will find the Russian bride of their dreams in a matter of weeks or even months. Be patient and let things progress naturally.


Try Not to Get Discouraged

If a woman of interest doesn’t respond to your advances right away, try not to get discouraged. As we’ve mentioned before, the majority of women from Russia and the Ukraine do not have Internet at home. Therefore, they must travel to an introduction agency to chat, read messages, and respond to emails. Be patient when awaiting a reply. If a lady never responds to your advances, then move on. There are plenty of Russian fish in the sea.


Patience, a positive attitude, and the proper focus can do wonders for your Russian dating experience. Good luck and happy hunting!