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5 Ways to Annoy the Women of Russian Love Match

12. October 2012 by Christy 0 Comments

If you're on Russian Love Match, chances are good you want to impress and charm Russian women, not insult and disgust them. If this sounds like you, avoid the five surprisingly common mistakes listed below.


Call Them Scammers

Honest women are understandably insulted when men call them scammers, and devious daters don’t suddenly confess when confronted. If you think a woman on Russian Love Match is up to no good, contact our customer service department so we can investigate the matter. Don't risk insulting an innocent woman over a misunderstanding or myth.

Call Them Prostitutes

Flat out asking or insinuating that the women on Russian Love Match will trade sex for money is terribly insulting and horribly misguided. RLM is simply a niche form of online dating specializing in connecting Western men with single women in Eastern Europe. We're not a mail order bride shop, an international escort service, or an adult entertainment site.


Treating Them Like Web Cam Girls

Speaking of adult entertainment sites, don’t treat the women of RLM like strippers or adult cam girls. The women won’t strip on demand or flash the camera, nor will they send nude photos because a man asks them to.

Ask Them if They're For Real

Asking this question implies you don’t think a lady is sincere or honest which can be annoying at best and insulting at worse. It’s one thing to ask a lady what she hopes to find on Russian Love Match and when she hopes to get married, but it’s another to suggest she may be dishonest or insincere. Give the ladies the benefit of the doubt before asking offensive questions.

Order Them About

No woman wants to be ordered around, especially by a man they just met online. For this reason, it’s important to keep your bossy side in check. Don’t tell a lady when to log on, what to do during web chat, or who she can and cannot talk to. The ladies of RLM are under no obligation to do your bidding, so don't treat them like hired help or paid companions.


While the five rules above might seem obvious, many men insult the ladies of RLM without even realizing it. Don't be that guy. Remember the Golden Rule: Do unto others as you would have them do unto. In other words, don't treat the women of Russian Love Match in a way you wouldn't like to be treated.