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4 Reasons You Shouldn’t Send Money to Russian Women

29. May 2013 by Christy 0 Comments

Wondering if you should send money to a woman on Russian Love Match? Drop that wallet! Here are four reasons sending cash is rarely a good idea. 


It’s Risky

Sending money to someone you’ve met online is generally a bad idea. This is true across the board, be it a Russian dating site or a mainstream dating service. There’s simply no way of knowing the recipient’s intentions or how they’re spending your cash. Though we take great pains to discourage scammers from joining Russian Love Match, some may still slip through the cracks. In the interest of keeping members safe and secure, we strongly advise men to keep their wallets closed until after they’ve established a solid relationship with a Russian woman.


It Could Create Complications

Even if you have met a woman in person and trust her wholeheartedly, it’s still important to be careful about sending money. Cash can complicate relationships as some men may feel they’re owed something while some women may feel indebted to a man or obligated to do as he says. These are not the dynamics for a healthy relationship. 


Women Aren’t Allowed to Ask for Money

A woman should never ask for money while chatting with the men of Russian Love Match. Before we post a woman’s profile on our site, she must state, on camera, that she will never request money or gifts. She must also sign a written agreement outlining the same. If a man starts sending cash it can muddy the waters and create problems. If a woman asks for money (or gifts) the man should report them to customer service. 


You Can Pamper Women Via the Gift Shop

Rather than sending money, why not purchase a gift from RLM’s online gift shop? The shop is full of great gift options, including flowers, candy, jewelry, spa packages, and more. If you’re worried a gift will get lost in transit, we automatically provide delivery confirmation and a photo of your lady with her special gift. We can also accommodate special gift requests, within reason. Men don’t have to send cash to pamper the women on


Though you may be tempted to send a special woman cash, try to resist the urge for the four reasons above. This will help keep the Russian dating experience safe and enjoyable for everyone. 


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