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4 Ingredients Your Relationship Must Include

7. October 2010 by Michelle 0 Comments

You’ve shared meaningful discussions, you’ve sent thoughtful gifts, and you really feel you’re connecting on a deeper level. Congratulations! You’ve become the lucky guy who is starting a new relationship with an adorably charming Russian or Ukrainian woman. Now, how will you grow this budding romance into a long term love fest?


Relationship experts remind couples to focus on these 4 A’s to keep the adoration aplenty.



Giving extra special attention to your Russian bride shows you are truly interested in her and makes her feel loved. Schedule time when you can be online together. Notice things about her during live video chat. Remember to congratulate her on her birthday, Russian name day, or other dates that are important to her. Also, small gestures are often even sweeter, like sending a short email just letting her know you are thinking about her.



Some guys let the gentlemanly gestures go by the wayside once they become comfortable in a relationship. It’s important to continue showing your appreciation by sending gifts, complimenting her, and thanking her for being such a wonderful woman. Multicultural relationships can be challenging. It can be easy to focus on the language barrier or your cultural differences. Don’t lose sight of why you adore this woman and be sure to let her know.



While you’d never purposely offend your Ukrainian lady, dating someone from another culture can cause some misunderstandings. You may tell a joke, or comment on a particular topic, that your lady takes the wrong way. Be aware of her reactions and learn to gauge her emotions. This way you can offer up a sincere apology. Constant communication helps build bonds and prevent perplexities.



With a gorgeous Russian girl on your arm, you’ll have no trouble showing her affection. However, it can be tricky to do while you’re still courting online. Affection can be shown through romantic gestures as well. Call her a special pet name or send some heartfelt poetry. Most Russian women believe in romanticized love, fairy tales, and soul mates. Show her plenty of affection and you’ll certainly win her heart.


Memorize the 4 A’s of an amazing relationship so you’ll remember to include them while dating Russian women online. While you may fall in love at the first sight of your favorite lady, maintaining that love requires some effort. Log on and try these techniques right now!


Source: Carmella Broome, Licensed Relationship Counselor