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3 Things You Can Expect from Russian Dating (and 3 Things You Cannot)

21. May 2013 by Christy 0 Comments

Thinking of starting a new adventure on Russian Love Match? Here are three things you can expect from Russian dating and RLM and three things you should not.


What to Expect

A new adventure – Russian dating is a great adventure because it gives you the unique opportunity to meet new, interesting, and beautiful women as well as learn about different countries and cultures. Plus, if things go well, you’ll get to travel abroad to meet a special woman in person.  


Lots of emails and chat requests – Unlike traditional dating sites, where men typically outnumber women, Russian Love Match has far more women than men. Therefore, members will receive lots of email and chat requests from interested women. At times, men may feel overwhelmed with the amount of correspondence but the Black Book tool can help with this.


A selection of stunning singles – The women of Russian Love Match are stunning. In fact, the ladies are so lovely that many men are suspicious and wonder if they’re hired models or fakes. They’re not, and our VoyerCam, live video streaming, and Intro-Videos can prove it.


What Not to Expect

A fantasy woman – Many men are drawn to Russian dating in hopes of landing a fantasy woman, often imagined as a slender, beautiful, traditional women who will marry gladly marry a Western man, regardless of his age or looks. However, this just isn’t accurate. No woman’s perfect and mutual attraction is a must. 


Women for sale – Some men believe traditional mail-order brides still exist and that men can purchase women for a flat fee. Other men think they can buy women indirectly via membership fees or correspondence costs. Neither is true. The women on Russian Love Match are not for sale in any way whatsoever. 


A fast track to matrimony – Some men mistakenly believe Russian dating offers a shortcut to love and marriage, but this is inaccurate. Men can’t log on to RLM and find a wife in a matter of weeks. Building a solid relationship takes time, especially internationally, and the women aren’t so eager to leave home that they’ll marry just anyone.  


Ready to get started? Now that you know what to expect, head over to Russian Love Match to chat and flirt with beautiful women now.


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