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3 Things Russian Women Think About You

9. November 2009 by Michelle 0 Comments

An earlier post described some common myths about Russian women. Aren’t you curious to discover what Russian women think about you? Stereotypes about different people and various cultures occur worldwide. Here are 3 things some Russian women think about American men.


You are very wealthy

America has the largest economy in the world and is known as a rich nation. It’s not surprising that Russian and Ukrainian women think every American man is Donald Trump. Television shows and movies many times depict American men living extremely luxurious lifestyles. You very well may live up to this stereotype, but most men don’t. It’s ok to be honest and open with your Russian lady and explain your financial situation, but don’t focus on this aspect of your life. She will be more interested in your background and your hobbies. Most Russian women have many other priorites besides money. She would rather find a match with a big heart, than a big wallet.


You are well traveled

Russian women think American men are always taking vacations and traveling to new places and meeting new people. This myth relates to the wealth assumption. America actually has a low rate of international travel, with only around 30% of Americans owning passports. There could be many reasons for this, but one simple observation is that Europeans can simply hop on a train to visit a different country, while it is more complex for Americans. Also, if Americans want to experience a new climate or culture, they can simply travel to the mountains or to the beach within the same country. Exchanging your travel tales will provide interesting conversations with your Russian lady.


You have a big family

Family is very important to Russian women. It is not unusual for them to live in a small apartment with parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins. Russian women think American families are similar. She will be excited to tell you about her parents and siblings, and you should do the same. One gentlemen member made such a wonderful connection with a Russian lady, that not only did he move her to the U.S., but relocated her entire family as well! Whether or not you have a large family, most Russian women are eager to begin one.


These examples give you some idea of the preconceptions that Russian women have of American men. They can be used as a basis to spark some conversation and give you interesting things to talk about. Just because these are some things that Russian women think, it does not mean this is their ideal. Russian women are just as unique and diverse as men and every woman is looking for different things in a partner. Start searching for your perfect Russian bride today!