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3 Reasons Valentine’s Day is a Great Holiday

7. February 2011 by Christy 0 Comments

Valentine’s Day is a week away and some members are looking forward to this romantic holiday while others are dreading its arrival. If you’re less than excited about the upcoming day of love, cheer up! Here are 3 reasons V-Day is a great holiday for all gentlemen, attached and single alike. 


Love Is in the Air

Like the holiday season, Valentine’s Day is a time when singles are especially motivated to find someone special, and that means more women will turn to online dating to find The One. Russian dating is no exception, so be sure to log on around February 14th and wish the ladies a happy Valentine’s Day. Not only will ladies appreciate the greeting, but a V-Day wish is the perfect way to break the ice and get chatting.


It’s Perfect Time to Share Your Feelings

Some gentlemen feel shy or embarrassed about expressing their feelings for a special lady, but these concerns are often lessened on Valentine’s Day. Why? Everyone’s thinking about love and romance, and plenty of other fellows are telling ladies that they care. While you don’t need a holiday to share your feelings, at times there’s comfort in knowing others are doing the same.


Ladies Share Too

However, men aren’t the only ones expressing tender thoughts on Valentine’s Day. While the holiday is certainly geared toward females, plenty of Russian ladies enjoy doing something nice for men on this day. In the case of RussianLoveMatch, that usually means a nice email, a poem, a romantic photo, or a nice chat date.


There are plenty of reasons to look forward to Valentine’s Day, even if you don’t care for the holiday or haven’t yet met a special Russian woman. Good things are more likely to come to gentlemen who are positive and optimistic, so be sure to embrace the advantages of V-Day.