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10 Things to Know About the Russian Dating Industry

24. August 2012 by Christy 0 Comments

Thinking about giving RLM a try? Here are 10 things to know about the Russian dating industry. What you learn might surprise you.

1. The terms “Russian women” and “Russian dating” refer to all women in the Former Soviet Union, not just those living in Russia. In fact, the majority of women on Russian Love Match are from Ukraine.

2. The phrase “Western man” is a rather broad term that refers to men living America, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Western Europe. Most of the men on RLM are from the United States, though we have members from all over.

3. For whatever reason, Russian dating services tend to use formal, old-fashioned language. For example, words like gentlemen, ladies, courting, and suitors are common. Members of RLM also find that many Russian women like romantic titles and messages. Don’t be surprised if a woman calls you darling.

4. The Russian dating industry gets a bad reputation due to a handful of widespread horror stories and an overall lack of understanding about what international dating is all about.

5. Speaking of horror stories, a number of Russian dating forums and blacklists have cropped up online over the years. While there’s good advice there, there’s also a lot of one-sided tales from disgruntled men. Take everything you hear with a grain of salt.

6. Traditional mail order brides no longer exist and Russian women are not for sale on Russian Love Match or any other international dating website. Men cannot pay a flat free for a bride, nor do their membership fees guarantee them a wife.

7. Russian women are not submissive sex slaves, nor are they conniving green card scammers. They’re real people with both good and bad qualities, not a walking stereotype.

8. Russian dating takes time. A man can’t create an account on RLM and expect to find a bride in a few days or weeks. Despite what some might think, international dating isn’t a shortcut to love and marriage.

9. The women on Russian dating sites aren’t all beautiful, young model types who have never been married. Women of all ages, cities, and walks of life are looking for love on Russian Love Match. This includes older women, divorced women, women with children, etc.

10. Russian dating is fun. What’s not to like about meeting interesting women online and learning about different countries and cultures? The international travel is also a great perk.

Good luck and have fun!