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[26 Jul 2011]

An upcoming reality show on Lifetime has angered many Russian-Americans as they believe the program casts Russians, particulary Russian women, in a negative light. [More]

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[11 Jul 2011]

Despite the claims of some critics, the majority of Russian women do not chat with foreign men for money, gifts, or attention. Marriage is the goal for most ladies and according to recent statistics, one in seven Moscow women will marry a foreigner. [More]

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[22 Jun 2011]

FEMEN, the controversial Ukrainian feminist group know for conducting topless protests, joined forces at Kiev's Saudi embassy last week to show their support for Saudi Arabian women and to insist on Saudi women's right to drive [More]

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[8 Jun 2011]

In an attempt to attract more visitors, St. Petersburg officials will soon allow foreign lovebirds to register a marriage within 72 hours. [More]

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[28 Apr 2011]

After months of intense lobbying, it seems Russia is one promising step closer to gaining visa-free travel to the EU [More]

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[7 Feb 2011]

Looking for some new cocktails to try this Valentine's Day? These have an "aphrodisiac twist"... [More]

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[11 Oct 2010]

Perhaps hoping to capitalize on the formula that made MTV's Jersey Shore so succesful, Lifetime networks will soon offer a new reality show that follows the lives of several Russian-Americans. [More]

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[5 Oct 2010]

A seemingly simple experiment, resulting in the invention of one of the most exciting new materials for producing electronic components, rewarded Andre Geim and Konstantin Novoselov... [More]

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[30 Sep 2010]

At the tender age of 27, Anna has been a pop superstar, an actress, a film star, a TV presenter, not to mention a wife and mother! [More]

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[30 Aug 2010]

While Miss Russia was said to be a strong favorite, and did place among the top 15 ladies, it was Anna Poslavska who became the pride of Ukraine with her 3rd place finish... [More]