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[12 Oct 2012]

Are you a James Bond fan? The Solyanka Gallery in Moscow is putting on a show to celebrate 50 years of 007. [More]

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[9 Oct 2012]

Keeping a vegetarian diet when you travel to Ukraine is difficult but possible. Our tips help you make the most of your trip. [More]

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[8 Oct 2012]

Do you hate sitting through ads when you go to the movies? People in FSU country Moldova’s Parliament do, too. [More]

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[4 Oct 2012]

Should you visit Kyiv or Kiev? No need to choose, since these are two names for the Ukrainian capital city.

Learn a bit about your Ukrainian lady's home. [More]

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[3 Oct 2012]

Russian dating is different from other online dating experiences in many ways. We are here to help you have a happy and exciting Russian dating experience. [More]

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[24 Sep 2012]

If you can only have one glass of champagne, this one will do: Ukrainian wine-makers join together to create the world's largest champagne flute. [More]

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[19 Sep 2012]

Are you finding that the messages that you and your Russian bride send each other have the same style and rhythm? This can be a sign that the two of you are a good match. [More]

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[4 Jun 2012]

This twenty-year-old holiday marks the start of Russia's democratic reforms and the nation's separation from the Soviet Union. [More]

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[10 May 2012]

Sevastopol is popular resort town known for its beautiful beaches, warm and sunny weather, and breathtaking women. [More]

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[8 May 2012]

It's Nurses Week. Why not drop a Russian or Ukrainian nurse a line and show your support? [More]