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[23 Feb 2010]

Russian women celebrate Men’s Day by giving small gifts to the Russian men in their lives. [More]

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[9 Feb 2010]

It's the time of year when Russians celebrate Pancake Week by feasting on blinis and welcoming the return of spring... [More]

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[8 Jan 2010]

Russian Orthodox Christmas services were held all over the world the last 2 days. President Medvedev celebrated at Moscow's Christ the Savior Church. [More]

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[2 Dec 2009]

The winter holidays are a bit different for Russian and Ukrainian ladies. Learn the unique traditions of Old New Year. [More]

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[23 Nov 2009]

The upcoming holidays are a sentimental time for most Westerners. They can also make you miss your Russian love match more intensely. Here's how to handle it. [More]

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[29 Oct 2009]

National Unity Day, also called People’s Unity Day, is celebrated on November 4th. There are several historical events surrounding this date, but some Russian citizens wonder about its true meaning and necessity, and choose to protest rather than celebrate. [More]