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[12 Jun 2013]

Today, June 12th, is Russia Day. While some ladies may be marching in protest around Moscow, others are just enjoying a day off with family and friends... [More]

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[14 Jan 2013]

The Old New Year signifies the end of the long Russian holiday season and is celebrated more as a nostalgic family occasion... [More]

Russian Culture »

[31 Dec 2012]

Happy New Year from! [More]

Random Stuff »

[4 Jun 2012]

This twenty-year-old holiday marks the start of Russia's democratic reforms and the nation's separation from the Soviet Union. [More]

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[4 Apr 2012]

While some Russian girls will celebrate Easter with Western culture on April 8th, then again with the Eastern Orthodox Church on April 15th, they are all likely preparing breads and eggs for the big feast... [More]

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[2 Apr 2012]

Have you seen the new Easter Virtual Cards yet? You may want to send one this Sunday for Western Easter and then another one next Sunday for Russian Orthodox Easter... [More]

Questions, Russian Dating »

[13 Feb 2012]

Though Valentine’s Day originated in the West, many Russians adopted the holiday after the fall of the Soviet Union. [More]

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[3 Jan 2012]

Are you chatting with ladies named Anastasia, Evgenia, Maria or Tatyana? These names, and several others, are being celebrated this month... [More]

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[29 Dec 2011]

Have you asked Ukrainian ladies whether they are going out or staying in for the New Year festivities? A recent poll suggests a majority of Russians prefer to celebrate at home... [More]

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[8 Jul 2011]

Today in Russia, men and women around the nation are celebrating the Day of Family, Love, and Faithfulness, a day dedicated to the bonds of family and the sanctity of marriage. [More]