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[18 Jun 2013]

Though it may seem insignificant, your attitude on Russian Love Match can greatly affect your chances of finding a match. Here are three types of attitudes that can be problematic. [More]

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[14 Jun 2013]

There are thousands of women on, but you naturally won’t be compatible with them all. Here’s how to find the best match for you. [More]

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[24 May 2013]

The idea of marrying a beautiful, exotic woman from another country entices millions of men to search international dating sites for their perfect matches. However, both bride and groom need to prepare for the challenges they’ll face when merging their cultures together... [More]

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[24 Apr 2013]

Live Chat - also known as Instant Messaging - is one of the most natural ways to connect with Russian women on our site. Russian women are looking for love online and are waiting for you! [More]

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[3 Dec 2012]

While it is reasonable for a gentleman to want assurances that a lady is interested in the same serious relationship that he is, asking too many aggressive questions can end a romance before it begins. [More]

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[12 Nov 2012]

Russian Love Match takes the hassle out of finding love abroad. [More]

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[1 Nov 2012]

If you want to stand out in a crowd of online suitors and attract single Russian ladies' attention, here are four profile mistakes to avoid. [More]

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[24 Oct 2012]

Here are three complaints from and why members of RLM don't have to deal with these common issues. [More]

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[19 Oct 2012]

There are a lot of great reasons to seek love abroad. Here are a few of the most common ones. [More]

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[12 Oct 2012]

If you're on Russian Love Match, chances are good you want to impress and charm Russian women, not insult and disgust them. If this sounds like you, avoid the five surprisingly common mistakes listed below [More]