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You Don't Have to Be Rich to Date a Russian Woman

19. November 2009 by Christy 0 Comments

Thanks to prevalent, yet inaccurate, myths, many gentlemen believe that women on Russian dating sites are scammers who only want a rich husband. While a few Russian scammers do exist, the majority of Russian women are not on international matchmaking sites to find rich men. You don’t need a a million+ dollar home or a Lamborghini to attract the Russian woman of your dreams. However, many women (Russian or otherwise) are hesitant to settle into a serious relationship with men who aren’t financially secure. This is especially true of Russian women who may one day move to a foreign country to be with their significant other. So, what exactly do women mean by “financially secure”?


The term financially secure means different things to different women. If you find yourself becoming serious about a particular lady you will need to ask her about her expectations. While every woman is different, many ladies hope to find a man who can afford a home and support a family. Some gentlemen may be bothered by this, but it’s important to remember that Russian ladies give up a lot when they move abroad. They deserve to know they will have a secure home once they arrive in a foreign country. No woman wants to give up her family, friends, and culture to live with a man who can’t support himself, much less a wife and future children.


While a man doesn’t have to be loaded to attract a Russian woman, most ladies prefer a gentleman who is secure enough to afford a home and pay his bills. It isn’t gold-digging that motivates this women, but a sense of self-preservation. If things start to grow serious between you and a Russian lady, ask about her financial expectations and let her know where you stand. This conversation will only help your relationship in the long term.