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Will Russian Women Date Students, Young Professionals?

10. February 2012 by Christy 0 Comments

Many gents wonder if the women of Russian Love Match are okay with dating young men, specifically men currently enrolled in, or just out of, college. Every lady is different, of course, but many Russian women have no problem chatting up young students and business men.

People tend to think of Russian dating sites as realms for young women and old men. However, our members (both male and female) come from all age groups and social backgrounds. Many ladies on RLM are university students or entry-level employees themselves and would love to meet a man in the same phase of life.

Of course, there’s one thing college students and budding careerists generally lack and that’s money. A lack of funds can unfortunately be problematic as bringing over a Russian bride is expensive, not to mention foreign spouses typically require months or even years of financial support. Keep in mind that Russian women can’t begin working right away, even if they’re college educated and fluent in English. If you’re serious about marrying a Russian woman, don’t forget about the financial burdens she’ll bring. 

Men who are at least eighteen are welcome to chat up the women of Russian Love Match. Many young fellows will find that the ladies are thrilled to meet a man their own age. However, both young and old men must keep in mind the financial realities of dating and marrying a Russian woman if they want to be successful on

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