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Why do All the Emails Seem the Same?

12. November 2009 by Administrator 0 Comments

Often members ask us at, are the emails from the ladies real? The answer is yes. The emails are real letters written by real ladies.

Why does my first email seem so generic?

At the ladies, just like the men, have the ability to send a first time or an Introduction message to a man she hasn’t met yet. Think about when you first meet someone. Don’t you tend to tell them very basic things about yourself? You don’t go into your entire history or about your collection of Star Wars toys, or your how deeply your devotion is to the Boston Red Sox, right?  You tell the person about your likes, dislikes, a bit about yourself and why you want to meet someone new. That is why we have the Introduction messages, so you can learn about the lady, and she can learn about you, and the two of you can begin building a relationship.

Lost in Translation

Keep in mind that English is not the first language for the ladies. Many are able to converse in English very well but may have trouble with sentence structure and proper use of words. A vast majority, if not all, the ladies require assistance from translators to assist them in crafting correspondence. Remember, not all Russian or Ukrainian phrases translate well into English. So the emails may seem choppy, not fluid.

All Good Things in Time

Patience is indeed a virtue. It is especially true when communicating with someone halfway around the world. Put yourself in her shoes and understand there are only so many ways she can describe herself without sounding stale or dull.  Think about how many emails you send to ladies. How many emails do you think that she receives daily? More than likely she has heard it all before.

Nonetheless, the ladies will continue their quest to find that special someone. She knows he is out there. How about you?  Will you give up? Are you up to the challenge?