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Why We Don't Hand Out Russian Women's Personal Contact Information

2. February 2012 by Christy 0 Comments

Members of Russian Love Match should be aware that men and women cannot exchange personal contact information before completing the Intimacy Request process. Many men oppose this policy, but do not fully understand the reasons behind it. Here's why we do not sell our ladies' phone numbers and email addresses.

The policy concerning personal contact information exists, in part, for safety and privacy reasons. Many women are simply not comfortable handing out their phone number and address to men they’ve never met. Believe it or not, men have shown up in Russia unannounced, ready to woo and wed women they saw online. Other men have called Russian homes at all hours of the night, waking households and generally being inconsiderate. Naturally, these scenarios make the ladies uncomfortable and might persuade them to hold on to their personal info.

And yes, as our critics like to point out, Russian Love Match does make money from emails and chats, money we wouldn’t make if we sold phone numbers for a flat fee. However, we also offer much more than sites specializing in personal contact information. The features at RLM include translation, identity validation, video chat, introduction videos, travel liaisons, a specialized gift shop, introduction agencies for the ladies, and more. Sure, you could simply purchase a woman’s phone number or email address, but what good is it going to do you if you don’t have a translator or a way to communicate?  

Russian Love Match provides a host of innovative features designed and protects the privacy of its members (both male and female). While there is nothing wrong with selling phone numbers and addresses, we have chosen a different method of introduction and ask that our members respect this policy.